1. Pier Pressure


Pier Pressure
My boat’s at the end of the pier
It’s a long walk to the car from here
Got my cooler packed and my defenses up
Cause I now they’re gonna stop me at the “Tiki Hut”

I didn’t need that seventh Jello shot
Lost 50 dollars in that NASCAR pot
Got sand in my shorts and man I’m bushed
But when I try to say goodnight they call me a wuss

Pier pressure
Come a come a come a come on
Pier pressure
Have another one, Have another one
Pier pressure
Shoulda gone home shoulda known better
But I caved into the pier pressure

All those blue collar boat bums got their redneck charm
They sure know how to twist a mans arm
It never gets old the nights always young
It’s drink this smoke that loosen up have a laugh
Where you think you’re goin’ son

Repeat Chorus
It don’t matter how much money you make
They’ll share their bourbon and their birthday cake
Everybody’s welcome down at ole pier G
You can pass out any time you like
But you can never leave

Repeat Chorus