1. Beach Bum


Rubbin’ sex wax on my surfboard
Did the same thing the day before
Yeah every day I thank the good Lord
Cuz man I'm loving this life

I could sailboat on the ocean
My whole day’s wide open
At El Patio the drinks are flowin’
With some real good friends of mine
Livin’ on Island time

And there ain't no way it can get any better
It's 98 Degrees and I'm loving this weather
Happy as the sun shine in a clear blue sky
This ain't where I came from
But I guess I was destined to be
A beach bum

I'm on the island of women
Hashtag winnin’
I don't need much of anything
Just a Sol to ease my mind
And a body next to mine

Repeat Chorus
I never woulda thought there's a lotta folks like me
All these Islaholics addicted to the beach

Repeat Chorus
We’re all just a bunch of beach bums